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I Recharge in…The Twilight Zone

Posted in Newer Posts,PFAM by Healthier Stay on May 17, 2013
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Rod Serling helps me to get back on my feet, by way of, The Twilight Zone.

Rod Serling helps me to get back on my feet, by way of, The Twilight Zone.

Submitted for your approval, as a part of the Patient For A Moment May 2013 Blog Carnival.

The Topic this month is, “How do you recharge when you need a break due to illness?”

This may seem nutty or out of this world but when I am exhausted, flaring or just completely fogged out I can’t concentrate.  One of my favorite ways to escape is reading, the only problem is that I straight up can’t concentrate from one word to the next.  As a chronically awesome person I battle my own attention span in so many ways due to: fatigue, pain, pain medicine, steroid therapy, brain fog, constant doctors appointments, bills…and…what was I talking about again? Yeah, that happens all of the time. Seriously I’ve found myself watching hours of How It’s Made episodes and not knowing what I’ve seen. Luckily the trivia vault in my brain functions on autopilot and I remember random facts days later whenever I need to school my friends, but I digress.

I used to love to watch YouTube videos on my computer but that can get out of hand and is rather unfulfilling. One day I was flipping through NetFlix and stumbled upon classic American television, The Twilight Zone! The Twilight Zone is perfect for my recuperation days because it’s an anthology series, there are over 100 episodes and it is always unpredictable. One episode shows a man betting his soul, another can tug your heatstrings as children pick out their new “electric grandmother” and still another teaches me to live my life as it happens rather than following superstition.

Rod Serling was a genius. Not only because he wrote over 75% of the episodes but because he created a series of shows that can be watched back to back with little to no boredom. I am constantly intrigued by the way he can spin a compelling story in 22 minutes, just long enough before my mind starts a-wandering. It’s like he knows me.

This may seem like a silly post but I researched it this week. I just had several major dental procedures done and I spent an inordinate amount of time on my couch. Whenever I came back to consciousness I flipped on my pal Rod. He always has a story for me and I even found myself thankful for the life I have, rather than living in that strange dimension where store mannequins have memories and Robert Redford guides old ladies to the hereafter, that place they call, The Twilight Zone.

Once I have traversed all of the twilight dimensions I may have to see what Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

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