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Silly Rabbit…Tricks R 4 Kids

It’s Halloween, a very special time for a horror movie buff like me. I get to watch all manner of scary movies for a whole month leading up to the holiday, and whether it is new or old I simply can’t resist DVR’ing most of them. As a horror and Sci-Fi geek, I think of things in terms of Sci-Fi, Horror and Comic story lines…a lot. This post started off as an entry about new technologies for Crohn’s and chronic pain, but each of these made me think of a movie at first and then I realized how great they could be for patients, turning a trick to a treat.

Alien is one of my all time favorite movies, definitely a top 10 film. What scared me the most was the fear of the Xenomorph life cycle; egg, face hugger, chestburster and adult. The eggs hatch and the chick (?) attacks a human by attaching to a human’s face and, well…um…pollinating. We as humans complete the parasitic reproduction of the Alien which bursts out of the poor person’s chest in a twisted birth scene. So you can imagine my reaction when I heard about drinking whipworm eggs to try to cure Crohn’s disease, I was just a little bit incredulous. I had to check this out. This seemed like a hard core treatment for desperate patients, I should tell you I was in remission at the time. As I researched these treatments, and flared up again, I realized that I was taking Chemo meds, steroids and narcotics to manage my disease. These worms might be quite helpful to my regimen. They can’t reproduce in humans, so they are only in our bodies for 2 weeks and they help us “dirty up” our bodies. The worm study is based on the “Hygiene Hypothesis” which presumes that Auto Immune (AI) diseases are more prevalent in industrialized nations because we are too clean and can’t build up resistance. At first Worm Therapy seemed frightening but I have to admit it’s growing on me, especially when it could help remedy 60 different diseases. If it’s available and my doctor approves, I will try it, maybe with a shot of tequila.

What would a horror list be without David Cronenberg and Scanners? A great movie about a group of people who have psychic abilities and can kill normal people, the Scanners are fighting each other for world domination. When I think of Scanners I think of the famous head explosion scene…awesome! I also think about migraines, I think we all know someone who has suffered from migraines and the pain they are enduring. What could help a migraine patient without drugs or exploding their head? How about a pacemaker? Yeah, a pacemaker with neurostimulation, a device that is implanted into your back with tiny catheters that thread into your head and disrupt the pain signal. With the help of a remote control the patient can find the right amount of electricity to give them relief. Saving people from explosive migraines, one buzz at a time.

These are just a couple of examples of my favorite movies and treatment ideas that seem scary at first but after further review can be really sweet. They start with a trick and end with a treat, a much better fate than the poor schmucks in these movies. Happy Halloween!

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