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#A4Amonth Post 3: From the Fish Bowl

Posted in #A4Amonth,Newer Posts by Healthier Stay on August 23, 2012
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It is hard for some healthy people to understand life in a Chronically Awesome household. Most of the time they think our lives are a torturous “Job-like” existence. Job, in the Bible,  lost his wives, his children, his livelihood and his health all due to a bet between God and Satan to see how faithful he was. In the end he was “reimbursed” 10 times over but he had to lose it all first. That is a horrible story to be compared to. My Dad had Crohn’s and lost his battle, my brother and I have Crohn’s and fight it every day. My mother lost her bout with Cancer,  but never in my life have I considered us Job-like. We have dealt with our problems just like any other family would, one day at a time.

Being a caregiver is often misconstrued as a duty posistion,  someone gets stuck with it because no one else will do it. I disagree. In talking with other caregivers, i’ve learned that most of us do it out of love. We try not to get burnt out because we want to be there for our loved one. We work to have social and private lives of our own and to make sure to employ respite care services so that we remain fresh and healthy. It’s no picnic living in a Chronically Awesome family, but it is my family and there is always love. Whay more can
we ask for?

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  1. roweeee said,

    I do find other people’s attitudes to what we go through interesting. I am actually starting to think our family gets more out of life because we are constantly squeezing each drop out of everyday. Of course, I over do it and crash but we know what it is to live, I also think some people look at people with obvious physical disabilities and and assume they can’t do things where as so many people who are physical well are broken emotionally or just cruise along in their comfort zones and routines. I woulod really love a bit more smooth sailing but I do appreciate the irony that adversity can also bring out a lot of strengths.

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